R&D capability

R&D Center

Talent is the key to Shihua. Shihua owns a professional PhD team with experienced background in polymer chemistry, materials science, materials physics and etc.

Shihua has established in-depth capability for functional product development, and specified in polymer synthesis & modification, analysis & evaluation and formula design. In addition, we are expert in areas, such as polymerization & grafting modification, structure design, precision coating,and precision analysis.

With decades of accumulation, Shihua has established a comprehensive functional material matrix for well-rounded product development to provide high performance products and experienced technical support in consumer electronics, medical devices and other markets.

Shihua's new Innovation Center in Shanghai is committed to cutting-edge technology research, innovation-driven market,and high-quality development.

  • Rapid response and customized product development

    Shihua has specialized in functional adhesives for years and its products can be applied in various applications with high bonding strength and excellent reliability.

    At Shihua, to meet customized needs anytime, a core technology platform is in place. In addition, a large amount of formula data, which Shihua has accumulated in decades, enables R&D to work out customized solutions timely.

  • Complete synthesis technology system

    With years of accumulation, Shihua has solid knowledge in monomer types & proportions and molecule dimension & weight distribution, which enable Shihua to develop customized products and optimize existing products.

    Achieving "Carbon peak" and "Carbon neutrality" is one of Shihua key responsibilities. Shihua has conducted in-depth research and has established own technical know-how for bio-based new materials. Shihua's bio-based products have passed the LCA, showing less carbon emissions, while remaining same performance compared with petrochemical-based products.

  • High quality R&D Analysis and Testing Center

    R&D Analysis and Testing Center in Shihua integrates material analysis, constant temperature & humidity testing, and weather resistance testing. The center can carry out 70+ evaluation tests, including peel force, retention force, initial adhesion test, and also mechanical, thermal, optical, electrical properties tests and etc.

    At present, the center owns various testing methods and huge database, which enable Shihua to provide effective analysis results for product development.